About Psychotherapy & Counselling

I understand that therapy might feel daunting and it might be tricky for you to talk about yourself, or to share some of your more difficult thoughts and feelings. You might worry that if you let yourself talk about certain feelings then things might start to unravel. It is my job to keep you feeling safe and grounded in our work. Every now and then I’ll ask you about how we are doing - whether therapy is what you expected, if the pace of the work feels right or whether you’re finding you’re talking about the things you had hoped you would.


What to expect…

In our first session I’ll ask you a bit about yourself, your life and any significant relationships. As well as what would put you at ease in therapy. If any of these questions are tricky to answer, I’ll guide you, so you aren’t left wondering what to say. I can also answer any questions or queries you might have about how psychotherapy and counselling works.

The way I work varies depending on who I’m working with - so it might involve simply having space to talk, or exploring and reflecting together, or me gently challenging you to see something differently. It is often in the more difficult and dark places that you find the most useful and powerful insights. So drawing on psychological theories to navigate the exploration, I’ll facilitate a balance of comfort and challenge that works for you. I have no hidden agenda and will be transparent in my thinking.



Book a one off consultation and information session…

I’m often asked what the difference is between therapy, counselling and popular approaches such as CBT - and how they relate to other things like coaching and mentoring. I think it can be confusing to understand what they all are and figure out which is right for you or for a loved one. For this reason, I offer a one-off taster consultation over Skype during which you can ask questions or discuss any concerns you might have about starting counselling/therapy or recommending it to someone else.

Sessions last up to 40 minutes and are conducted over Skype, at a cost of £30.

My hope is that by becoming more informed about what therapy is and how it can help people, you will be well placed to decide whether therapy is right for you. And if it is, what type of therapist you might want and why. Please note that there is no obligation to book any more sessions following this consultation.